Brunch skeleton based on Angular.JS, Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 with Bootswatch Themes and more
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Brunch on Asteroids


  1. Scaffolt (npm install -g scaffolt) (works without it however is needed for generators)


  1. Start new app brunch new YourAppName -s
  2. Generate style file scaffolt bootstrap THEME
  3. Generate index.jade, by scaffolt quickstart YourAppName

And voila - you're done! For themes check /vendor/_bootswatch/ directory. You can also use default one.

About Brunch on Asteroids

Why this brunch?

I usually work on small projects where I need to use various libraries. Most of them are very minimalistic, but they use external libraries. To ease development I created this very minimal brunch which doesn't have any cleaning required and with possibility to add on-demand libraries.


I made this brunch mainly for myself, so it's plausible there are some bugs in areas I don't use. If you find any, don't hesitate to create new issue.

What's in the box

  • Angular.JS
  • JADE (as default templating)
  • CoffeeScript/LiveScript (-with skeletons in CS-)
  • Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 (Inspired by Angular-Brunch-Seed)
  • Bootswatch themes
  • Generators:
    • Init (CoffeeScript/LivesScript)
    • Angular Directives (CoffeeScript/LiveScript)
    • D3 Directive (LiveScript)
    • Bootstrap themed using Bootswatch
    • Bootstrap Responsive (untested)
  • D3

Also in, but untested:

  • jQuery UI
  • Angular.JS UI
  • Angular.JS Bootstrap

How extras work

Each extra is already configured in (i.e. properly positioned during CSS/JS join). To enable it, just change directory name in vendor from _extra_library to extra_library. And that's it!

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