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Basic HTML Styling framework for starting up new, NeoCities websites.
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Ground Floor

Note: Ground Floor is being placed into archive status, as it is no longer maintained.

Basic Styling of HTML elements

What is Ground Floor?

Beyond normalizing, but not super-stylized-HTML either:

Ground Floor is the prettying up of HTML tags so that even if you never add a single class, or touch a line of CSS your HTML won't look like a jumble of browser presets, or bland looking text.

HTML Styling

From headings to tables, forms to HTML5 elements, Ground Floor standardizes and lightly extends basic styling for many HTML elements.

  • Form Elements
  • Media Elements
  • Nav Elements
  • Table Elements
  • Text Elements

Basic Classes

The point of this framework is to give basic styling to HTML without the need for CSS knowledge. However, for those that do have a basic knowledge of CSS and want to add a bit of extra styling and layout structure to their websites, Ground Floor has a few basic CSS classes to extend the standard styling.

  • CSS Buttons
  • CSS Layout
  • CSS Helper Classes

View it Live


Built With

  • HTML (liquid templates)

Ground Floor is a very simplified version of Brass Tacks, an OOCSS, Sass framework for rapid development of web projects.