Simple Rails 3.1+ gem for better timezone detection
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Detect Timezone Rails

This is a simple gem which bundles jstimezonedetect and my own jquery plugin for it

NOTE: There is no dependency on jquery, so you can also use this to simply bundle jstimezonedetect.

How to use it

In your Gemfile:

gem 'detect_timezone_rails'

Require detect_timezone and jquery.detect_timezone in your Javascript manifest (i.e. application.js)

//= require detect_timezone
//= require jquery.detect_timezone

Then some where else, wire it up using the plugin (remember to require jquery as well for the plugin)


If you are using the standard rails form helpers to generate a timezone select, you may pass the format option when calling set_timezone, to return only the city name:

    $('#your_input_id').set_timezone({format: 'city'});


Requires Rails 3.1+.


Provided under the Do Whatever You Want With This Code License.