A Django app for allowing users to up/downvote on generic database objects.
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Django-Voting is a basic app for tracking the number of votes placed for any object in the database. It provides the ability to upvote and downvote.

This project is based on django-hitcount by Damon Timm.


Most of the basic functionality you'd need for a simple voting system has been implemented. Possible additions are:

  • Better JavaScript support for ajax calls
  • Better UI/utilities for the admin site
  • Rate-limiting to avoid vote-spamming
  • Options for allowing users to vote multiple times on an object


Simplest way to formally install is to run:

./setup.py install

Or, you could do a PIP installation:

pip install -e git://github.com/scottwrobinson/django-voting.git#egg=django-voting

Or, you can link the source to your site-packages directory. This is useful if you plan on pulling future changes and don't want to keep running ./setup.py install.

cd ~/src
git clone https://github.com/scottwrobinson/django-voting.git
sudo ln -s `pwd`/django-voting/voting `python -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()"`/voting

Then modify your settings.py, adding the package voting in INSTALLED_APPS


You need to add one line to your urls.py file.

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^site/ajax/vote$', # you can change this url if you would like
        name='votecount_update_ajax'), # keep this name the same

Ajax Call

The ajax call to the update_vote_count_ajax view requires two variables:

  • direction The vote direction. +1 for upvote and -1 for downvote.
  • votecount_pk The pk of the object to be voted on. Can be retrieved using the {% get_vote_object_pk for [object] %} tag (see below).
  • csrfmiddlewaretoken (optional) The CSRF token. Only required if CSRF validation is enabled.

The ajax view returns two variables back:

  • status "success" for successful votes and "failed" for votes that did not get recorded.
  • net_change The net change of the object's vote total.

Custom Template Tags

Don't forget to load the custom tags with: {% load voting_tags %}

  • Return total votes for an object: {% get_vote_count for [object] %}

  • Get total votes for an object as a specified variable: {% get_vote_count for [object] as [var] %}

  • Get total votes for an object over a certain time period: {% get_vote_count for [object] within ["days=1,minutes=30"] %}

  • Get total votes for an object over a certain time period as a variable: {% get_vote_count for [object] within ["days=1,minutes=30"] as [var] %}

  • Get or create the pk for the given object: {% get_vote_object_pk for [object] %}

  • Get or create the pk for the given object as a specified variable: {% get_vote_object_pk for [object] as [var] %}