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Installation guide

Installing Scrapy

.. note:: Check :ref:`intro-install-platform-notes` first.

The installation steps assume that you have the following things installed:

* `Python`_ 2.7
* `lxml`_. Most Linux distributions ships prepackaged versions of lxml. Otherwise refer to
* `OpenSSL`_. This comes preinstalled in all operating systems except Windows (see :ref:`intro-install-platform-notes`)
* `pip`_ or `easy_install`_ Python package managers

Installing Scrapy
* `pip`_ and `setuptools`_ Python packages. Nowadays `pip`_ requires and
installs `setuptools`_ if not installed.

You can install Scrapy using easy_install or pip (which is the canonical way to
distribute and install Python packages).
* `lxml`_. Most Linux distributions ships prepackaged versions of lxml.
Otherwise refer to

.. note:: Check :ref:`intro-install-platform-notes` first.
* `OpenSSL`_. This comes preinstalled in all operating systems, except Windows
where the Python installer ships it bundled.

You can install Scrapy using pip (which is the canonical way to install Python

To install using pip::

pip install Scrapy

To install using easy_install::

easy_install Scrapy

.. _intro-install-platform-notes:

Platform specific installation notes
@@ -38,34 +37,33 @@ Platform specific installation notes

After installing Python, follow these steps before installing Scrapy:
* Install Python 2.7 from

You need to adjust ``PATH`` environment variable to include paths to
the Python executable and additional scripts. The following paths need to be
added to ``PATH``::

* add the ``C:\python27\Scripts`` and ``C:\python27`` folders to the system
path by adding those directories to the ``PATH`` environment variable from
the `Control Panel`_.

* install OpenSSL by following these steps:
To update the ``PATH`` open a Command prompt and run::

1. go to `Win32 OpenSSL page <>`_
c:\python27\python.exe c:\python27\tools\scripts\

2. download Visual C++ 2008 redistributables for your Windows and architecture
Close the command prompt window and reopen it so changes take effect, run the
following command and check it shows the expected Python version::

3. download OpenSSL for your Windows and architecture (the regular version, not the light one)
python --version

4. add the ``c:\openssl-win32\bin`` (or similar) directory to your ``PATH``, the same way you added ``python27`` in the first step`` in the first step
* Install `pip`_ from

* some binary packages that Scrapy depends on (like Twisted, lxml and pyOpenSSL) require a compiler available to install, and fail if you don't have Visual Studio installed. You can find Windows installers for those in the following links. Make sure you respect your Python version and Windows architecture.
Now open a Command prompt to check ``pip`` is installed correctly::

* pywin32:
* Twisted:
* zope.interface: download the egg from `zope.interface pypi page <>`_ and install it by running ``easy_install file.egg``
* lxml:
* pyOpenSSL:
pip --version

Finally, this page contains many precompiled Python binary libraries, which may
come handy to fulfill Scrapy dependencies:
* At this point Python 2.7 and ``pip`` package manager must be working, let's
install Scrapy::
pip install Scrapy

Ubuntu 9.10 or above
@@ -77,10 +75,19 @@ Instead, use the official :ref:`Ubuntu Packages <topics-ubuntu>`, which already
solve all dependencies for you and are continuously updated with the latest bug


You can follow the generic instructions or install Scrapy from `AUR Scrapy package`::

yaourt -S scrapy

.. _Python:
.. _pip:
.. _easy_install:
.. _Control Panel:
.. _lxml:
.. _OpenSSL:
.. _setuptools:
.. _AUR Scrapy package:

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