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Terra Builders Fund Submissions

The Terra Builders Fund is a dedicated fund for projects who were built on Terra pre-collapse (whether pre- or post-product) and want to move to Secret Network, in full or in part.

The fund was established mainly for these three categories:

  1. Secret Apps, for everything that is directly built on top of Secret Network;
  2. Ecosystem, for tools that expand Secret Network and improve general usability;
  3. Network improvements, for major upgrades to the network itself.

We welcome any and all proposals and recognize that the most interesting proposals may be things the Secret Network community has yet to consider.

To apply for a grant, please click here and fill out the application template.

If you’d instead like to apply privately, please email with the above information.

To see the Secret Network "Terra Builders Fund" on-chain proposal go here.


Terra Builders Fund proposal submissions