Dataset for Software Evolution and Quality Improvement
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Android Apps and User Feedback: a Dataset for Software Evolution and Quality Improvement

This dataset comprises 288,065 reviews extracted from the Google Play, related to 395 open source apps mined from F-Droid. For some particular ones, we provide also these data for different versions of the same app.

An exhaustive list of the apks and apps included in our dataset is available here.

APK Analysis

For each of the apks, we computer 22 different code quality metrics as well as 8 categories of distinct code-smells.

For a detailed description of the computed metrics, please refers to:

Mining Scripts

We also provide a replication package which includes all the scripts used for the extraction of the code quality metrics. It is available at the following link.

Moreover, here we make available the tool we developed to crawl reviews from the Google Play Store, as well as the code used in order to download apks from F-Droid.

Main Contributors

Giovanni Grano - (University of Zurich), Sebastiano Panichella - (University of Zurich), Andrea di Sorbo - (University of Sannio)