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JMS Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides a simplified approach to interfacing with and configuring JMS

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Seam JMS Module

Provides injectable JMS resources and bridges the CDI event bus over JMS.

For more information, see the Seam JMS Module page.


mvn clean install


Currently supported application servers: JBoss AS 6 Final. Two profiles exist to facilitate testing: jbossas-remote-6 jbossas-managed-6 - This profile is default when you just run mvn install.

In order for tests dealing with consumers to pass HornetQ security must be disabled. See SEAMJMS-13 for more information.

In $JBOSS_HOME/server/$PROFILE_NAME/deploy/hornetq/hornetq-configuration.xml you must add false below root node.

How to release

To create the zip distribution, run mvn clean install -Pdistribution - the resulting zip is located in dist/target/seam-jms-${version}.zip

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