Parses Kindle's "My Clippings.txt" and outputs text files, organized by title
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Firewood parses Kindle's "My Clippings.txt" and outputs text files, organized by title.

Useful if you want to be able to skim through the best bits of books you've already read and highlighted. Could also be used with grep or some similar search tool to find a particular term in a book.

Firewood will create a directory called Kindle Clippings and will save all text files there.

Update: New version (written in Python)

UPDATE (2015-04-06): I've rewritten Firewood in Python. The new version is You can run it as a script by putting it in the same directory as your My Clippings.txt and doing python from the terminal.

Old version (written in C)

The easy way

Put the in the same directory as My Clippings.txt, then double-click This is an AppleScript that will open a terminal window and run the application.

If you get an error message about an “unidentified developer”, try this:

  1. right-click the .app file
  2. hold the alt/option key
  3. click open

The regular way

Run make to create the executable. Put the executable in the same directory as My Clippings.txt (this can be found in the Kindle's documents directory.)

Run it by executing ./firewood.