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This is a C++ port of SteamKit2. It's framework-agnostic – you should be able to integrate it with any event loop.


Steam++ uses CMake. If you run cmake-gui in the project dir, you should see which dependencies are missing. Here's the list:


Used for serialization of most message types sent to/from Steam servers.

  • Debian/Ubuntu: Install libprotobuf-dev.
  • Windows: Download the latest source and build it yourself following the instructions provided in it and below.
  • Visual Studio: Build libprotobuf.lib (Release), set PROTOBUF_SRC_ROOT_FOLDER to the protobuf source directory.
  • MinGW: Set the install prefix to /mingw if you're building steampurple. Also note that you have to do this from MSYS.


Used for encryption.

  • Debian/Ubuntu: Install libcrypto++-dev.
  • Windows: Download and compile the latest source.
  • Visual Studio: Extract into a directory named cryptopp. In CMake, set the following advanced variables: CRYPTOPP_ROOT_DIR to the parent directory of cryptopp, CRYPTOPP_LIBRARY_RELEASE to the Release build of the library, and optionally CRYPTOPP_LIBRARY_DEBUG to the Debug build of the library.
  • MinGW: Follow the Linux instructions in MSYS. If you are building steampurple, set PREFIX to /mingw.


Used for reading .zip archives because that's what Valve uses for data compression.

  • Debian/Ubuntu: Install libarchive-dev.
  • Windows: Download the latest stable release and compile it using the instructions here and below. Make sure to follow their instructions for zip compression support (which should involve installing zlib). In CMake, uncheck every checkbox to speed up the process.
  • Visual Studio: Set the install prefix to somewhere in CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH (you can tweak the latter). To install, build the INSTALL project.
  • MinGW: Set the install prefix to your MinGW directory if you're building steampurple. To install, run mingw32-make install.


SteamKit repo contains .proto files we need. If you're building steampurple on MinGW, clone it into SteamPP's parent directory. Otherwise clone it wherever you want, but set the STEAMKIT cache variable to the directory where you cloned it.

On Linux, you'll need protoc in your PATH. On Debian/Ubuntu, install protobuf-compiler.


Steam++ is designed to be compatible with any framework – in return, you must provide it with an event loop to run in. The communication occurs through callbacks – see steam++.h and the two sample projects to get a basic idea of how it works.


A small project that uses libuv as the backend. You'll have to replace "username", "password" etc with real values.


  1. Clone libuv somewhere and cd there
  2. Build a shared library:
    • On Windows: vcbuild.bat shared release
    • On Linux: follow the instructions in libuv's README to clone gyp, then ./gyp_uv -Dlibrary=shared_library && make libuv -C out BUILDTYPE=Release
  3. cd into Steam++, then run CMake again, providing it the path to libuv
  4. make steamuv should now build a steamuv executable


A libpurple plugin. Currently supports joining and leaving chats, sending and receiving friend and chat messages, as well as logging in simultaneously with the Steam client.

Note that this is very unstable and will crash at any opportunity. If it happens, please don't hesitate to submit an issue with the debug log.


Get the latest release here.

You can use the icons from pidgin-opensteamworks.

Building on Linux

  1. Install development packages for libpurple and glib. On Debian/Ubuntu those are libglib2.0-dev and libpurple-dev
  2. Rerun CMake
  3. make steam && cp ~/.purple/plugins

Building on MinGW

  1. Get the prerequisites:
    • Download and extract the Pidgin source.
    • Clone Steam++ next to it (i.e. pidgin-2.10.7 and SteamPP should be in the same folder).
    • Install MinGW in a path without spaces. The mainline build is broken, use e.g. MinGW-builds.
      • Download the Dev package for Glib and extract it into your MinGW directory.
      • Install MSYS.
  2. Run the following in the SteamPP directory in MSYS:
cmake -G "MSYS Makefiles" -DPROTOBUF_LIBRARY=/mingw/lib/libprotobuf.a -DLibArchive_LIBRARY=/mingw/lib/libarchive_static.a -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=../pidgin-2.10.7/libpurple:/mingw -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH="$PROGRAMFILES/Pidgin" -DCMAKE_MODULE_LINKER_FLAGS="\"$PROGRAMFILES/Pidgin/Gtk/bin/zlib1.dll\" -static -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++" -DSTEAMKIT=../SteamKit
  1. Run make steam.
  2. Copy the resulting libsteam.dll file into %appdata%\.purple\plugins.