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C program to download VoD HLS (.m3u8) files
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This program converts .m3u8 playlists to a .ts video. It supports decryption of both AES-128 and SAMPLE-AES encryption.


This program requirers FFmpeg installed in order to decrypt SAMPLE-AES content.


Use make && make install && make clean to install.

Usage and Options

./hlsdl url [options]

--best    or -b  ... Automaticly choose the best quality.

--verbose or -v  ... Verbose more information.

--output  or -o  ... Choose name of output file.

--help    or -h  ... Print help.

--force   or -f  ... Force overwriting the output file.

--quiet   or -q  ... Print less to the console.

--dump-dec-cmd   ... Print the Key and IV of each media segment.

--dump-ts-urls   ... Print the links to the .ts files.


  • Multithreading
  • Remuxing to other formats
  • Local .m3u8 files
  • Livestreams
  • C++ refactor for fun


MIT License

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