GO library for AWS Kinesis
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GO-lang library for AWS Kinesis API.



Example you can find in folder examples.

Command line interface

You can find a tool for interacting with kinesis from the command line in folder kinesis-cli.


Local Kinesis Server

The tests require a local Kinesis server such as Kinesalite to be running and reachable at

To make the tests complete faster, you might want to have Kinesalite perform stream creation and deletion faster than the default of 500ms, like so:

kinesalite --createStreamMs 5 --deleteStreamMs 5 &

The & runs Kinesalite in the background, which is probably what you want.

go test

Some of the tests are marked as safe to be run in parallel, so to speed up test execution you might want to run go test with the -parallel n flag.