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SEO4Ajax is a service that let you get full visibility on search engines, social networks and display advertising of any AJAX website based on Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, jQuery etc.

django-s4a is a middleware for Django. It provides an easy way to proxify GET requests from non-js clients (e.g. crawlers) to SEO4Ajax.


Copy the file in your project root.

Add the middleware in the MIDDLEWARE list in, e.g.


Set the S4A_TOKEN environment variable with the SEO4Ajax token of your site.

How it works

This middleware checks the presence of the _escaped_fragment_ query parameter or the presence of a user-agent string identifying bots that do not support the Ajax Crawling Specification. If the _escaped_fragment_ is present or a bot is detected, it requests the snapshot on SEO4Ajax and responds to the initial request with the concerned snapshot.