Useful bundles for extending the functionality of Sequel Pro (version 0.9.9 or later)
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Sequel Pro Bundles

About Sequel Pro Bundles

Bundles are easy to write using your favourite scripting language and our reference guide. Have you written a fantastic Sequel Pro Bundle that you want to share? Let us know so that we can feature it on our website.

Contribute your own bundle

Simply fork this repo and add any new modules to the contributed folder. Apply any bug fixes to core modules directly to the existing module. In both cases, you would want to submit a pull request to the official repo /sequelpro/Bundles.

We will update the list of contributed bundles on our website as we get time. If you would prefer not to contribute using github you can share your bundle however you like.

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Latest Updates

September 2012

October 2011

June 2011

  • Add core bundles.

Contact Sequel Pro on Twitter with any questions.