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A tiny module to use a dictionary of Observables as a store for React
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A tiny module to use a dictionary of Observables as a Store for React


The purpose here is not to provide an async middleware to a redux store with Observables, as redux-cycle-middleware and redux-observable do but to replace redux and its different slices (async middlewares, reducers and derived data) with Behavior Subjects. As this, we can express each variable of the store as a function of other variables, in a clean and async way.

This library only exposes a component Playground (a store Provider) and a render props component Plug.


npm i react@16.7 react-dom@16.7 rxjs@6 @seracio/plugnplay

Basic usage

import { Plug, Playground } from '@seracio/plugnplay';
import React from 'react';
import { of, interval } from 'rxjs';
import { shareReplay, delay } from 'rxjs/operators';

// expose a dictionary of Observables (Behavior Subjects)
const store = {
    hello$: of('hello').pipe(
    count$: interval(1000).pipe(shareReplay(1))

    <Playground store={store}>
        <h1>My app</h1>
        <Plug combinator={store => store.hello$}>
            {val => (!!val ? <div>{val}</div> : <div>waiting...</div>)}
        <p>Here is a counter:</p>
        <Plug combinator={store => store.count$}>
            {val => (!!val ? <div>{val}</div> : <div>waiting...</div>)}



The Playground component is the equivalent of a redux Provider.

type PlaygroundProps = {
    store: { [key: string]: Observable };
    children: JSX.Elements;


type PlugProps = {
    combinator: (store) => Observable;
    defaultValue?: any;

The combinator props is a function that takes the dictionary store as param and returns the unique Observable we want to listen to.
This Observable can be:

  • an Observable defined in the store
  • a combination of multiple Obserables from the store (thanks to RX operators)
  • a brand new Observble, unlinked to the store

The value of this Observable will be emitted through a render props function. Typically, you want them to be formated like props, but nothing mandatory here:

    combinator={store =>
        combineLatest(store.count$, store.val$).pipe(
            map(([count, val]) => ({ count, val }))
    {props => (!!props ? <MyComp {...props} /> : <Waiting />)}

As Observables are asynchronous by nature, you must provide a defaultValue if you want a synchronous rendering:

<Plug combinator={store => store.props$} defaultValue={{ count: 0, val: '' }}>
    {props => <MyComp {...props} />}

Or you can use a Waiting component, as defaultValue is defined as null by default:

<Plug combinator={store => store.props$}>
    {props => (!!props ? <MyComp {...props} /> : <Waiting />)}


yarn test --watch


Due to the namespace

npm publish --access=public
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