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Serlo Education

We build technology to provide high quality education for free, all open source and without any ads.

Serlo Education – Free and open education for everyone 💡

The team of Serlo Education e.V.

Hey! 👋 Welcome to Serlo Education's GitHub!
Our vision is a diverse, free and open education for everyone. Everybody should be able to fulfill their potential in the educational system – regardless of financial possibilities or social background.

Thus we have build – a learning platform with a wiki approach. On it anybody can create and edit learning materials (articles, courses, videos, exercises, ...). Similar to open source code those then can be used, shared and modified by everybody. Currently we reach over 1 million users per month.

Our core values

We are a passionate team and community of diverse people who believe in the following core values:

  • 🚀 Impact: Our mission is to provide excellent education to everyone for free - everywhere in the world!
  • 🥰 Work with a purpose: Everybody in our team takes responsibility for our mission. Every day we make a (little) contribution to more equity in the world.
  • 🎉 Having fun: Work should be fun! We take care of each other and our mental and physical health. We celebrate our progress.
  • New work – the right way: We lead together in an efficient and agile way. We create space to allow everyone to work in their area of responsibility.
  • 🤝 Together: We teach, empower and inspire each other. We can only achieve our mission of educational equality as a team and together with other organisations.

Help us in our mission of educational equality

Of course, all of our software is open source. We are happy about every contributor who helps us on our mission to achieve educational equality. Do you want to help? Do you have suggestions on how we can improve? Get in touch and let's discuss how you can contribute in an impactful way. You can reach us via or on our community chat.

Also: We are hiring! To accomplish our mission, we are looking for talented backend and frontend software developers who are passionate about education. Have a look at our open job openings:

Getting started

We have marked good first issues in our repositories with the tag good first issue to get you started. You can find them in our main repositories at:

Further reading


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