A school event planner and timetable
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A school event planner and timetable


  • Migrations

  • Authentication

    • Global React user
    • OID auth client
    • jwt token provider
      • auth is a choice between oidc and pass, sends token/pass to /auth for validation
      • /auth verifies oid token or pass, generates signed jwt
        • jwt taken contains user role
        • hide/protect certain element
      • fake validator for jwt at protected endpoints
        • assume user is admin
    • Decide between email-validated OID or storing identity strictly
    • Additional email-based auth mechanism with tokens (like asciinema)
    • Redirect when not logged in
  • Create group

  • Create one-off events

    • Show event details
  • Create attachments

    • Description
    • File
  • Create group CCAs

    • Create CCA schedules
    • Differentiate CCAs from Mentor Groups
  • Create group mentor

    • Importable timetables
  • Display events as agenda

  • Display events as calendar

    • Drag one-time events around to modify
    • Hide weekly events in month view
  • Show heatmap of the availability of the users in a group when creating an event

    • This is the event planning feature
  • Create sample data

  • Create admin interface in JavaFX (requirement)

    • Manage schools
    • Manage users in schools
    • Bulk create groups
  • Refactor toolbar mutator for homepage pagination

Security Pitfalls

  • Auth mechanism not verified
  • Verification of OID tokens is done by upn being the email address
  • Succeptable to insecure direct object references