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A simple widget to handle implicit cookie consent in a bootstrap-styled widget.
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This is a simple widget to handle implicit cookie consent in a Bootstrap-styled widget.

I needed to do implicit cookie consent for a Boostrap-based web site, and the existing widgets I found were limited by:

  • complexity, offering options for explicit consent and more
  • hosted JS, some even including trackers of their own
  • styling, plenty were done with with jQueryUI but I found no Boostrap-friendly options

This widget takes some handy JS functions I found at and quickly rebuilds them to work with Bootstrap-friendly HTML.

The result isn't packaged as professionally as a bootstrap widget should be, so that's the biggest TODO. Rebuilding this as a widget using the boostrap data-api would be great. In the meantime I thought I'd release it here in case anyone uses it, which would motivate me to make it better.

A demo of this widget in action can be found here:

To use it, simply add the JS to your website and edit the properties within the file. You can tweak the HTML to alter the widget position.

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