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Mister. A Helper for Your MapReduce JavaScripts.

In keeping with my [RD]DD pedanticism, and Tom Preston-Werner's excellent article, this README will serve as the roadmap for Mister's development. The features/goals are subject to revision, but probably not too much.


  • Allow you to write MapReduce using both CoffeeScript or JavaScript.
  • Organize your MapReduce JavaScripts, in a way that is logical, accessible, and easy to...
  • Test. Make it easy to feed fixture/factory data into your MapReduce scripts, and write tests.
  • Work only with Rails, for simplicity sake. If this takes off, other frameworks can be supported through contributions.
  • Initially, to work with Riak (that's what I'm familiar with). I'd happily accept contributions to support Mongo, Couch, and others.
  • Allow you to compose more complex MapReduce tasks, within your Models, while keeping your code fairly DRY.
  • Minifies and Caches your JavaScripts, when in production.
  • Possibly? Turn the JavaScripts into deployable Migration-like whatevers. Perhaps a Git tag?

Project Outline

Folder Structure in a Rails App

/ = Rails.root



Model Example

class Stock
  mapreduce_config :include => [:regressions]

  # or:

  reduces :max_variance {
    sources :regressions

Stock.filter(:symbol => 'GOOG').maps(:valuation_above => [600]).reduces(:max_variance => [1.month])

The symbol is used to look for the map or reduce file, with the same name. If there are any necessary support files, you can specify that inside your model. It's also assumed that the file name and the entry function are the same, unless you specify otherwise. ie,

reduces :max_variance {
  sources :regressions
  sources :max_variance
  calls   :variance

Configuration Example

Mister.setup do |config|
  config.keep     = true
  config.timeout  = 90_000

  config[:production, :staging] do |envs|
    envs.minify = true
    envs.cache  = true
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