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Simple Image Annotator


All image annotators I found either didn't work or had some overhead in the setup. So, I tried to make this one simple to run and simple to use. action


  • Install Flask
$ pip install Flask

Getting started

  • cd into this directory after cloning the repo
  • start the app
$ python /images/directory
  • you can also specify the file you would like the annotations output to (out.csv is the default)
$ python /images/directory --out test.csv


  • in keeping with simplicity, the output is to a csv file with the following fields
    • id - id of the bounding box within the image
    • name - name of the bounding box within the image
    • image - image the bounding box is associated with
    • xMin - min x value of the bounding box
    • xMax - max x value of the bounding box
    • yMin - min y value of the bounding box
    • yMax - max y value of the bounding box


  • draw a bounding box
    • click on the image in the location of the first corner of the bounding box you would like to add
    • click again for the second corner and the box will be drawn
  • add a label for a box
    • for the box you would like to give a label, find its id (noted in the top left corner of the box)
    • find the label with the corresponding number
    • enter the name you want in the input field
    • press enter
  • move to next image
    • click the blue arrow button at the bottom of the page (depending on the size of the image you may have to scroll down)
  • remove label click the red button on the label you would like to remove
  • check generated data
    • at the top level of the directory where the program was run, there should be a file called out.csv that contains the generate data


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