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Although it is supported and regularly tested, prebuilt binaries are no longer provided by this Project.



The Copr builds RPMs for latest Fedora. You can enable the repo via dnf:

sudo dnf copr enable librehat/shadowsocks
sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install shadowsocks-qt5

You may need to install a dnf plugin via the command below, before you can enable copr repo using dnf.

sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core

If your distribution doesn't have dnf, you can download the corresponding yum repo from Copr and put it under /etc/yum.repos.d/, then install shadowsocks-qt5 via yum:

sudo yum update
sudo yum install shadowsocks-qt5


Debian CN




gentoo-zh maintained by microcai

Other distributions


For any modern 64-bit PC Linux distributions (newer than Debian Wheezy), you can download the latest AppImage file from Releases page. Then

chmod a+x Shadowsocks-Qt5-x86_64.AppImage

That is it! About AppImage, you can read their documentation here.

Building from Source

Please follow instructions on compiling page to build it from source.

If you're maintaining other distributions' repository for ss-qt5, please open an issue to ask for adding it to this wiki page.

Mac OS X

Please follow instructions on compiling page to build it from source.

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