Set of plugins for beloved sublime text editor
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Set of plugins for beloved sublime text editor.

This set of plugins were designed for 3 purposes:

  1. Mouseless usage of sublime
  2. Navigation (in code and files) improvement
  3. Common micro-tasks automation

For most people it will be convinient to cherry-pick one or two packages of sublime-enhanced that will be useful for them. If you feel like hacker and have a free day you can try full installation.

Quick demos







Default keybinding activation

Keymaps listed in readmes are disabled by default. You should add next line to your "User/Preferences.sublime-settings" file ("Preferences: Settings - User" in command palette) to enable those keybindings.

"sublime_enhanced_keybindings": true,


Please read,, and before full installation. Sublime-enhanced has a lot of unobvious behavior and keyboard shortcuts that replace default sublime's behavior which is partially covered by these files.

You also can help the project by opening pull requests or issues, or by watching/staring plugins you like.


  • for full installation read file

  • for cherry-pick installation:

    • install package dependencies (listed in each package in "Dependencies sections") if any
    • open command palette
    • type "install package"
    • enter package name
    • hit "enter"
    • wait


In order to find out how to use sublime after sublime-enhanced installation refer to and

Plugins to start with

Information reference


The MIT license


Packages that I want todo in future:

  • KeymapConverter (convert your keymap to different locale to use keybindings when keyboard are switched to different locale)

  • InsertSnippetEnhanced (snippets with multicursors)

  • HtmlNavigation (goto into/out/over tag, append/detach tag to selection, select in tag or tag definition)