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Developer friendly desktop deployment tool. See the jDeploy Website for usage instructions.

GitHub Action Instructions

The jdeploy github action allows you to generate native desktop installers for your Java project in a Github workflow. This action can be run for both commits and releases.

If used on a commit to a branch, it will publish the the app installers to a release named after the branch. E.g. For the "master" branch, it would post installers to a tag named "master". If used on a "tag", it will simply add the installers as artifacts of the release. In both cases it will add some download links to the release notes.

Example Usage

IMPORTANT: For this action to work, you must first configure your project with jDeploy, as described in the jDeploy Developer Guide.

Add the following to your workflow in a step after the app has been built.

- name: Build App Installer Bundles
  uses: actions/jdeploy@master
    github_token: ${{ github.token }}

If this is run on "commit", then it will create or update a release with the same name as the branch. If this is run on a tag or release, it will add the installers as artifacts to the release. In both cases, it appends notes to the release with download links.

See example release

Example Workflow

# This workflow will build a Java project with Maven and bundle them as native app installers with jDeploy
# See for more information.

name: jDeploy CI with Maven

    branches: ['*']
    tags: ['*']


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - name: Set up JDK
        uses: actions/setup-java@v3
          java-version: '17'
          distribution: 'temurin'
          cache: maven
      - name: Build with Maven
        run: mvn -B package --file pom.xml
      - name: Build App Installer Bundles
        uses: actions/jdeploy@master
          github_token: ${{ github.token }}

Example Project

The jDeploy JavaFX Starter Project is a template repository for a JavaFX application. It comes pre-configured with this workflow to generate both snapshot builds for each branch, and release builds.

Learn More

See the jDeploy Developer Guide to learn more.

Supported Parameters

Parameter Description Default
github_token GitHub Action token, e.g. "${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}". null
target_repository The repository where releases should be published to, if different than the current repo. ${{ github.repository }}
deploy_target The deployment target. "github" or "npm" github
npm_token The NPM_TOKEN for publishing to npm. Only required if deploy_target==npm null
jdeploy_version The jdeploy version to use for building the installers. 4.0.0-alpha.38




Steve Hannah