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A tool to deploy Java applications using NPM

jDeploy flow


  • NodeJS
  • Java 8 (Only required for publishing with jDeploy. Installing/using deployed apps do not require Java to be installed. The app will automatically install a JRE if java is not already installed).

Runs on any platform that supports requirements including Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Jar files - Publish Java executable jar files to npm
  • War files - Publish war files to npm
  • Web Apps - Publish web apps (exploded war files) to npm
  • Self-contained web apps - Web apps are wrapped in a self-contained app with embedded Jetty server.
  • Simple Installation - Apps deployed using jDeploy can be installed using a single command: npm install -g <your-app>
  • No Java Dependencies - Java not required to install and run apps that are deployed using jDeploy. The app will automatically download a JRE at runtime if the system doesn't already have Java.
  • Easy versioning and updates - Deploying updates through NPM is trivial.



$ npm install jdeploy -g


$ sudo npm install jdeploy -g


In terminal, navigate to a directory containing an executable .jar file or a .war file that you would like to publish.

$ jdeploy init

This will generate a package.json file with settings to allow you to publish the app to npm.

Install app locally on your machine.

$ jdeploy install

Publish App to NPM

$ jdeploy publish





Steve Hannah