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dotfiles and config stuff
VimL Shell DIGITAL Command Language Ruby
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bin [feature] add
config/surfraw [feature] add surfraw config
goobook add goobook config for mutt
mutt [refactor] use pass
vim [refactor] remove submodule
w3m [feature] add w3m mailcap file
zsh attach if there is a session
.gitignore [feature] add w3m config
.gitmodules [refactor] remove golang [doc] ruby -> bash
gemrc rvmrc, gemrc updates
gitconfig [refactor] formatting
inputrc adding inputrc for vim readline support! [refactor] ruby -> shell
irbrc not using wirble anymore in irbrc
jshintrc [fix] jshint 2.0.x has es5 mode by default
mailcap [refactor] update mailcap executables
msmtprc [refactor] use pass
npmrc add default params
tmux.conf update tmux conf
urlview [refactor] use surf
vimrc [feature] add less config
xinitrc [refactor] add conditional battery display
zshrc [fix] fix zsh loop


This repo holds my dotfiles. They are specific to my needs but if you are a Ruby, JavaScript or UNIX hacker you might find something useful here.



This symlinks the dotfiles folders and files into your home folder.

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