Submission for CS50x online course by Harvard University
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Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 7/pset5
Week 8/pset6
Week 9/pset7


Submission for CS50x online course by Harvard University. I write about my journey through CS50x at my blog.

Week 0 submission

  1. Game made with scratch:

Week 1 submission

  1. Hello.c - prints Hello, world.
  2. mario.c - prints the mario stair.
  3. greedy.c - Convert your money to quarters (25¢), dimes (10¢), nickels (5¢), and pennies (1¢). Rule: Use the least number of coins.
  4. credit.c - Check if number is valid credit card number, and list out the type of credit card.
  5. mario2.c - Advance version of mario stair program.

Week 2 submission

  1. caesar.c - Caesar cipher.
  2. vigenere.c - Vigenere cipher.

Week 3 submission

  1. pset3/find/ - generate.c generates pseudorandom of size of user's choice, then find.c check if a number of user's choice is in those generated pseudorandom number. Usage: ./generate | ./find
  2. pset3/fifteen/ - generates a game of fifteen. Usage: ./fifteen
  3. hacker3/find/ - similar as pset3, but this find (sort and search) algorithm is faster. Usage: ./generate | ./find

Week 4 submission

Made a game called Breakout with GUI using API from SPL (Stanford Portable Library). Avoid the ball from falling down the bottom edge, when the ball hit the paddle, it will bounce to the top, when it hit the bricks on the top portion of the game, the brick will dissapear, points increased, and ball will bounce back down.

  1. pset4 - Standard version of Breakout.
  2. hacker4 - Implemented GOD mode, the paddle will move itself according to x-position of the ball, essentially the computer is playing the game for you. Implemented paddle shrinking mechanism, variable scoring mechanism, variable-velocity mechanism, and laser.

Week 7 submission

  1. pset5/bmp/copy.c - Copies a BMP piece by piece, just because.
  2. pset5/bmp/whodunit.c - Reveals who ate Mr. Boddy.
  3. pset5/bmp/resize.c - Resize a BMP by a factor, n.
  4. pset5/jpg/recover.c - Recovers JPEGs from a forensic image.
  5. pset5/questions.txt - Answers to questions.

Week 8 submission

  1. pset6/speller.c - Implements a spell-checker.
  2. pset6/dictionary.c - Implements a dictionary's functionality.
  3. pset6/dictionary.h - Declares a dictionary's functionality.
  4. pset6/questions.txt - Answers to questions.

Week 9 submission

  1. pset7 - Make a website similar to [](CS50 finance) that allows fictional buying and selling of stocks. SQL username: jharvard, password: crimson.

Week 12 submission

Final project - Locate Me
A website that shows the distance between you and your friend on Google map by using only ID. Locate Me