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Substrate Developer Hub

This repository houses documentation for the Substrate blockchain framework.

The docs are written in markdown, processed by docusaurus, and hosted at the Substrate Developer Hub.


Directory Structure

The repository is structured as a docusaurus project with the markdown files organized in the /docs directory. The images and other assets are in the /docs/assets/ directory.

Adding a new document

To add a new markdown document,

  • Create your markdown document in a suitable directory inside /docs.
  • If you have images in your document, put them in the /docs/assets/ directory.
  • Documentation should follow our styleguide.
  • If you want your document to appear in the sidebar, add its reference in the /website/sidebar.json file under the corresponding section.

Rename an existing document

To rename an existing document,

  • Change the name or path of the document.
  • After the change has been merged, go to the Crowdin project, make sure the translation is already migrated to the new file automatically for all the target languages.
  • Then go to Crowdin project settings, remove the old source file in Files tab.
  • If you don't have access to the Crowdin project, please send email to with the file information you want to remove.

Local Testing

  • cd into the /website directory.
  • Execute yarn install and then yarn start.

The Substrate Developer Hub website should open in a browser window.

Once you are done with your changes, feel free to submit a PR.


Substrate documentation is licenced under the Apache 2 license.

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