Reassign categories to all policies and packages on your JSS, then offer to remove unused categories.
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Quickly recategorize all policies and packages on a JSS, and then, optionally (and individually prompted), remove unused categories.

Our organization has used and constructed our JSS rather organically, and at a certain point we had outgrown our existing category usage. I wrote this script, based on elements of the JSSRecipeCreator rather quickly to help in the task of reorganizing.

Recategorizer will first ask you to assign categories to all policies. You will be offered a chance to bail prior to committing changes. Next, you will be asked to assign categories to all packages. Again, you may bail prior to committing changes. Finally, a list of unused categories will be generated, and you will be prompted individually to keep or delete them.

Recategorizer uses your AutoPkg configuration for JSSImporter, and, if that doesn't exist, will fall back to using a python-jss configuration file.