A Git client for Android.
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A Git client for Android.

This project is no longer being maintained. Further development on this app is now being done in the MGit project. Please submit all PRs and issues there.


Join the chat at https://gitter.im/sheimi/SGit

Build Status

  • All repositories are stored in [sdcard dir]/Android/data/me.sheimi.sgit/files/[repo name]. If you want to delete this app, you can manually backup repositories from this location.
  • The GitHub repo of this project is: sheimi/SGit.
  • If you encounter any issues (bugs, crashes, etc.) and want to help improve this project, please open an issue on GitHub describing: what the issues are; and how they were caused, to allow for re-creation and fixing of bugs.
  • This app is for Android v4.x. It might work on Android v2.x, but will not be supported officially due to lack of resources for testing.

Supported Features

  • Create local repositories
  • Clone remote repositories
  • Pull from origin
  • Delete local repositories
  • Browse files
  • Browse commit messages (short)
  • Checkout branches and tags
  • HTTP/HTTPS/SSH are supported (without private key passphrase)
  • Username/Password authentication is supported
  • Search local repositories
  • Private keys management
  • Manually choose code language
  • git diff between commits (to be enhanced)
  • Import copied repositories (that is, you can copy a repository from computer and import to SGit)
  • Checkout remote branches
  • Merge branches
  • Push merged content
  • Edit file (you must have some app that can edit file)
  • Commit and push changed files (commit all changes)
  • Committer information
  • Prompt for password
  • Choose not to save password and username (will not be saved in disk but may be temporarily saved in memory)
  • git status
  • Cancel when cloning
  • Add modified file to stage
  • git rebase
  • git cherrypick
  • git checkout <file> (reset changes of a file)

Android app on Google Play Android app on F-Droid

Quick start

Clone a remote repository

  1. Click on the + icon to add a new repository.
  2. Enter remote URL (see URL format below).
  3. Enter local repository name - note that this is not a path since SGit stores all repositories in the same directory on the mobile device.
  4. Username - username to use to clone the remote repo.
  5. Password - password to use to clone the remote repo.
  6. Click the Clone button.
  7. If all the credentials are correct, SGit will download the repository (all branches) to your device.

Create a local repository

  1. Click on the + icon to add a new repository.
  2. Click on Init Local to create a local repository.
  3. Enter the name for this repository when prompted.
  4. A local repo will be created.

URL format


  • SSH running on standard port (22): ssh://username@server_name/path/to/repo
  • SSH running on non-standard port: ssh://username@server_name:port/path/to/repo
  • username is needed - by default, SGit tries to connect as root.


  • HTTP(S) URL: https://server_name/path/to/repo

To Do List

  • Private key passphrase
  • Submodule support
  • Dark theme
  • Commits related to a file
  • Commit graph (low priority)




If you want to help improve this project, contributions are very welcome.

Fork from this repo: sheimi/SGit, create a new branch, commit your changes and then send a pull request against the master branch of this repo.