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Web service for scanning pcaps with snort
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Web service for analysing pcap files with intrusion detection systems such as snort and suricata.

Current build status Latest PyPI version


websnort provides a web interface for user and system submission of packet capture files to run against IDS instances. Alerts and details from the analysis are returned as results.

If you are after a web interface for monitoring a live snort instance, see instead.

While originally developed specifically for snort. Recent releases support a flexible IDS plugin system which also supports suricata out of the box.

websnort can be configured to run the same submitted packet capture against any number of IDS instances, configs and rulesets. This allows broader coverage and comparison between installs and rule versions.

Getting Started


Install snort if needed:

sudo apt-get install snort

Optional Disable running snort service if only required for this web api:

sudo service snort stop
sudo update-rc.d snort disable

On recent ubuntu/debian releases the default snort.conf is not world readable. Unless planning to run the web service as root (not recommended) you will need to modify the permissions, for example:

sudo chmod a+r /etc/snort/snort.conf

Install web service using pip:

sudo pip install websnort

Start the websnort web server on the default port:


Browse to http://server:8080 and submit a pcap file for analysis.

Navigate to http://server:8080/api for details of provided json web api.


Full project documentation can be found on readthedocs.


Source code for websnort is hosted on GitHub. Any bug reports or feature requests can be made using GitHub's issues system.

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