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Disassembler for the C64
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Negentropy is a disassembler for the C64 that I'm working on written in Python. It's my first real Python program and is still a work in progress, but nevertheless it's quite useful. Here's a list of some of the features currently implemented:

  • Generate HTML pages, complete with images and links.
  • Disassemble 6502 machine code.
  • List BASIC programs.
  • Annotate the generated output with labels and comments provided in configuration files.
  • Generate images for character sets.
  • Links, including in BASIC programs, machine code programs and even from SYS commands in BASIC to the target code.

In addition to Python's standard library the following packages are used:

  • Jinja2 - used for templates. Currently only HTML is supported (there are other incomplete templates). Checkout its website here
  • Pillow - for image generation. It's website
  • Lark - for parsing. It's LALR parser is bloody fast (and its author tolerant of stupid questions😊). It's website
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