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This is the code and data for a cricket interactive to be published on

All the data is courtesy of, but any errors in analysis are my own.

This story is a follow-up to a data story on Test cricket published on April 5, 2017.

Used a modified version of Adam Pearce's Graph-Scroll.js library to make this interactive.

(To be honest, this is not so much an interactive but more an animated slideshow with d3 snippets thrown in, but I'm ok with that for now!)

Apart from the Graph-Scroll.js library, I also used Gregor Aisch's d3 jetpack and the d3-geo microlibrary.

If you want to know how I analysed the data, the ipython/jupyter notebook I used is available in the repository.

Here are the sources and credits for the images used:

  • Image of people tossing a coin -- Flickr
  • Image of batsman making a frontfoot shot -- Flickr
  • Image of team huddled together (actually Australia celebrating its 2006 Ashes victory) -- Wikimedia Commons
  • Image of batsman holding hands aloft (actually Sachin Tendulkar) -- Wikimedia Commons
  • Maps of Australia and New Zealand --

Finally, thanks to Rustam Roy and Agnisheik Chatterjee of WION for helping me understand how pitch conditions impact Test matches, and also to Saurabh Singh of OPEN magazine for helping me improve some of the images.