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Extending the EFMVC app for adding Windows Azure specific features
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EFMVC.Azure Modification for Caching
EFMVC.CacheWorkerRole Windows Azure Cache WorkerRole
EFMVC.CommandProcessor Added Windows Azure Caching
EFMVC.Core Added Windows Azure Caching
EFMVC.Data Code clean up
EFMVC.Domain Code clean up
EFMVC.Model Code clean up
EFMVC.Web.API Modification for Caching
EFMVC.Web.Core Added Windows Azure Caching
EFMVC.Web Added Windows Azure Cache Worker Role
packages Added Windows Azure Caching
EFMVC.sln Modification for Caching
EFMVC.sln.docstates.suo Added Windows Azure Caching Preview - Windows Azure June 2012 SDK
EFMVC.suo Added Windows Azure Caching Preview - Windows Azure June 2012 SDK
ReadMe.txt Initial Commit of the EFMVC.Azure app. The fork taken EFMVC app


Windows Azure extensions for the EFMVC [] project

Windows Azure Caching Preview

Cache Worker Role Project -
Cache Client Project -
Cache Providers -

Wiki Pages

Upcoming Features

  1. AutoScaling Windows Azure instances.
  2. Windows Azure storage demos.
  3. Hybrid Cloud scenarios.
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