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Full-Stack Ephemeral Environments on Every Pull Request

Welcome to Shipyard’s official GitHub! Here we offer some resources to help you get started with your deployments. For more information, check out our docs.

What’s Shipyard?

Shipyard is an Environment Management platform. It creates ephemeral, on-demand copies of your app every time you open a PR. You can share these environments with SSO-enabled links, run E2E and unit tests against them, and integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline. With Shipyard, all you'll need to start deploying environments is a Docker Compose file.

What’s an ephemeral environment?

Ephemeral environments are full-stack, production-like copies of your app. You're able to spin them up automatically when opening a new PR, and spin them down when you no longer need them. Ephemeral environments are an industry best practice when building and testing pre-production branches.


Getting Started

If you haven’t already, kick off a 30 day free trial.

Starter Apps

These repos are fully Shipyard-ready. Fork your stack of choice:

React + Flask + SQLAlchemy + LocalStack

React + Express + PostgreSQL + LocalStack

React + Django + PostgreSQL + LocalStack

Jinja + Flask + SQLAlchemy


Read our Quickstart guide to get your app deploying on Shipyard.


Shipyard CLI

Install the Shipyard CLI using Homebrew:

brew tap shipyard/tap
brew install shipyard


Want to engage with the Shipyard community? Send us an email at You can also:

Popular repositories

  1. react-flask-starter react-flask-starter Public template

    JavaScript 30 38

  2. github-action github-action Public

    Github Action to fetch Shipyard environment variables

    Python 6

  3. shipyard-cli shipyard-cli Public

    Go 6 2

  4. vue-starter vue-starter Public template

    Vue 4 6

  5. github-action-python-template github-action-python-template Public template

    Python 4 11

  6. localstack-flask localstack-flask Public template

    Python 3 4


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