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🌎 Geodata API - Get countries, and cities in a country to plug in a select drop-down.
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Country City API

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This is geodata API built to get the data with countries in the world and cities in a particular country. This API is a plugin for creating drop-downs in a form which populate via an AJAX request. You can find a select2 implementation here. Code for this implementation is in example directory.

⚡️ Installing the CountryCity API

  • Download this API using composer using the command below.
$ composer global require shivammathur/countrycity "master-dev"
  • Then install the API using by executing the command below.
$ composer create-project shivammathur/countrycity countrycity "master-dev" --prefer-dist
  • You are all set, you can use this API.

#️⃣ API Endpoints

All API responses are in json format.

  • Get all countries

# Without URL Rewriting
  • Get all cities in a country

# Without URL Rewriting

Rest API Features

  • Built using Slim micro framework.
  • Caching enabled with following headers
    • ETag
    • Expires
    • Last-Modified
  • Fast and lightweight API
  • PSR 7 Complaint

☁️ Hosting configuration

Here are the Configuration Instructions if you want to host this on your server.

🔧 Error Format

If there is an error in the API, you will get an error in json format as response

{"error":"true", "message": "error message here"}

🚨 Testing

$ vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration phpunit.xml.dist

📜 License

The scripts and documentation in this project are released under the MIT License. This project has multiple dependencies and their licenses can be found in their respective repositories.

👍 Contributions

Contributions are welcome! See Contributor's Guide.

💖 Support this project

  • Please star the project and share it among your developer friends.
  • Consider supporting on Support me on Patreon and Support me on Paypal.
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