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An iOS app demonstrating Bluetooth networking techniques for games requiring multi-team real-time communication.

The Game

Party Pictionary takes the popular party game "Pictionary" and puts it in the convenience of your mobile devices. No board games, paper, or markers required!

Players (4+) split up into two teams. Each team will have 1 artist, who must draw the word that the see on the screen.

The other players on the team will see the drawing reflected real-time onto another device, from which they can identify and guess words from their teammates' drawings.

Whoever's team can guess the most words right in a certain time period, wins!

Up to 4 Devices

gif2 gif3 gif4 gif5

Real-time Drawing and Gameplay

gif7 gif6

How Do I Play?

We are working on adding features and polishing the assets before officially releasing to the App Store.

Until then, you can clone this repo and build/deploy it to your device!

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


Party Pictionary Game



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