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An iOS/iPadOS app to handle browser with only external keyboard
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Wazari Browser

An iOS/iPadOS app to handle browser with only external keyboard


Wazari Browser is an oepn source and you can down load iOS app from here.

This project is a part of Wazaterm which is a cloud terminal to run anywhere on any devices.


  • Customizable shortcuts to operate browser. e.g. Change tabs without touching screen.
  • Panes to split views vertiacally or horizontally.
  • Hit-A-Hint - without touching, click links to move pages.
  • Customizable modifiers. e.g. swap capslock with ctrl key.
  • Customizable default search engine - DuckDuckGo or Google
  • Exclude web sites not to use keymapping. Some dynamic web site doesn't use Input type=text or textarea, which Wazari keymapping doesn't work. But you can exclude these website so you can still type on it.
  • Histories to go back easily
  • (Optional and Paying serivce) Integrated to Wazaterm so you can terminal.


You can modify shortcuts in setting page. OS maybe already took the shortcut. In this case, please try to set other keys.

Panel actions

Shortcut key Description
Alt-" Add row pane
Alt-% Add column pange
Alt-x Remove current pane
Alt-o Move to next pane
Alt-; Move to previous pane
Alt-} Increase Pane size
Alt-{ Decrese Pane size

Browser actions

Shortcut key Description
Command-[ Back page
Command-] Forward page
Command-r Reload Page
Ctrl-i Show Hit-a-hint
Ctrl-+ Zoom in
Ctrl-- Zoom out (Ctrl with dash/minus)
Alt-i Focus on search
Alt-t Toggle wazari inputs(e.g. hit-a-hint)
Alt-Tab Move to next tab
Alt+Shift-Tab Move to previous tab
Command-t Open homepage with a new tab
Command-w Remove current tab

Use defualt space to scroll down and shift-space to scroll up.

Text actions

Shortcut key Description
Command-c Copy on input focus
Command-v Paste on input focus
Ctrl-a Home(Move cursor to the start)
Ctrl-e End(Move cursor to the end )
Ctrl-h Delete one char before the cursor
Ctrl-d Delete one char after the cursor
Ctrl-b Move cursor back one char
Ctrl-k Delete entire text in focused input
Ctl-f Move cursor forward one char
Ctrl-n Move down one line
Ctrl-p Move up one line


Please raise bugs/issues in Github issues. It would be really helpful if you mention how to replicate it.

(Optional) Wazaterm

If you want to use terminal(or Linux envrionment) from iOS/iPadOS. Try Wazaterm!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (11-inch) - 2019-09-13 at 09 07 19

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