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Bachelor-Thesis: 'Containerized, automated workflow for UAS data using open-source software'
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This repository pertains my bachelor thesis titled 'Containerbasierter, automatisierter Workflow zur Verarbeitung von UAS-Daten mit Open-Source Software'. [Containerized, automated workflow for processing UAS data using open-source software]



  • Dockerfile to build environment for
  • to compute NDVI for multispectral imagery based on this tutorial
  • ndvi_script.bat to run a Docker container for
  • results folder


  • odm_script.bat to generate ODM environment, and run ODM
  • image folder
  • storage folder


  • qgis_script.bat to run a cmd interface to run QGIS scripts
  • QGIS_... folders, each containing:
    • dockerfile
    • qgis_... .bat
    • models folder
    • used to run a specific QGIS task
  • results folder


  • The automated workflow ist started by running workflow_automatic.bat
  • can be started using
  • To run specific QGIS scripts use qgis_script.bat or run specific batchfile in subfolder
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