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Open source Kimono API reader for Kimono Digest
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Kimono Digest (

Win Bitcoin

From now until the end of day, November 30th, win a Bitcoin from Kimono Labs for making the most meaningful contribution(s) to the repo--all while feeling good, by helping create the world's most compatible open source reader.


This is an open source reader originally developed by Shri Ganeshram at Kimono Labs and supported by Kimono Labs. The reader takes as input specially structured Kimono Labs APIs.

This project is open to the community and will happily accept Pull Requests for additional features. If you're adding to the Parse Database, please let me know the schema, so that I can add it.

Please direct any questions to


Readers today require the legacy technology of RSS to operate--we'd like to make it so that anyone can create a readable page with the reader content they want, without having to program. KimReader aims to do this by leveraging the power of Kimono's API-ification Chrome Extension, a point-and-click interface friendly for devs and non-devs alike.

Feature Ideas

Below is a list of feature ideas. As mentioned above, please feel free to send in a PR to add. Also, if the feature will take substantial work, please let us know that you're working on it.

  • Themes (ability to add custom themes)
  • Better Summarization algorithm
  • Better Search of Sources (use tags/topic)
  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Preloaded Summaries
  • Ability to move around sources
  • Add Translation service
  • Create an App or other extension

Technology being used

  • backend.js: Parse, jQuery
  • index.html: Bootstrap 3, Material Design Theme
  • client.js: jQuery
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