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Pose Induction.

Shubham Tulsiani, Joao Carreira and Jitendra Malik. Pose Induction for Novel Object Categories. In ICCV, 2015.

0) Setup

  • Download the code git clone --recursive

  • We first need to download the required datasets (PASCAL VOC and PASCAL3D+) and additional annotations. In addition, we also need to reorganize some data. To do this automatically, run bash

  • Edit the required paths in 'startup.m', specially if you've used a local copy of some data instead of downloading via

  • Compile external/caffe (this is a slightly modified and outdated version of the original). Sample compilation instructions are provided below. In case of any issues, refer to the installation instructions on the caffe website.

cd external/caffe
cp Makefile.config.example Makefile.config
make -j 8
#edit MATLAB_DIR in Makefile.config
make matcaffe pycaffe
cd ../..

1) Demo

  • Initialize matlab in the root directory of the code.

  • Run startup; demo();. this will download our pretrained model and demonstrate predicted pose for a few images. Note that all the object classes in the demo images are novel (except for car which serves as a sanity check).

2) Training Models and Reproducing Experiments

This part of the codebase is still under construction. We'll update the instructions shortly.


Code release for "Pose Induction for Novel Object Categories", ICCV 2015.



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