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My website

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Hugo Academic + GitHub Pages based on Starter Hugo Academic.

Website Thumbnail

Running locally

  • Install hugo to build page


$ brew install hugo

Check contents

$ make run

Update hugo modules

$ make update

Create a content

Create a post for some news

$ hugo new --kind post post/my-news

Create a publication page

$ hugo new --kind publication publication/name2020conf
  • Create for thumbnail image.
$ convert paper.pdf[0] -resize 640x640^ -crop 640x480+0+0 -alpha remove featured.png

Generate OGP image for the publication

$ ./scripts/ kitada20XXconf

# Load fonts from "assets/fonts/"
# Load template from "assets/ogp/tcardgen-template.png" directory
# Success to generate twitter card into content/publication/kitada20XXconf/featured.png

Available Icons


The code and styles are licensed under the MIT license. See project license. Obviously you should not use the content of this demo repo in your own resume. πŸ˜‰

Disclaimer: Use of Homer J. Simpson image and name used under Fair Use for educational purposes. Project license does not apply to use of this material.