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mzupan commented Jul 13, 2012

I'm looking to make a chart generator and I have no idea what type of data they will graph. I'm wondering if there is a way to add remove series data from a graph without a refresh or anything. So the line and item in the legend will just show up when there is a new series data added to the array.

I tried to just add it to like graph.series array but it never updated to reflect it.

mzupan commented Jul 14, 2012

ok seems like it works.. it was an issue in the code.. only thing that doesn't update is the legend it seems when you append a new series to a graph


@mzupan: I'd be interested to know how you achieved this...

I'm trying to do the same thing, and am stuck when I try to update the graph.series.

Here's a sample of code of what I'm trying to do:

var newSerie = {
        color : palette.color(),
        data  : data,
        name  : title


These two last calls always throw errors...

I saw that the data is contained multiple times in the graph object:

  • graph.series[x].data
  • graph.stackedData

which makes me think I might not be updating the right one...

Any help would be appreciated...


mzupan commented Aug 3, 2012


see the following jsfiddle


Yes but is it possible to start the chart without data, i.e. a 'chart skeleton', and add the data later?



From what I tried, not out of the box no.

You gotta play a bit with the configuration: for instance, you must instantiate the legend, etc. once the data is there.

So the "blank" skeleton configuration will be limited to the minimum.


Thanks a bunch! - is there an example?


Using a slightly modified version of the jsfiddle, I display a legend box. The problem is that the legend is not dynamicaly updated when I add a serie.

Any idea?

rouge8 commented Dec 13, 2012

I handle this by emptying the legend element and creating a new legend:

legend = new Rickshaw.Graph.Legend({
    graph: graph,
    element: document.getElementById('legend_container')

I add this to the button's click handler:

@mpderbec mpderbec pushed a commit to mpderbec/rickshaw that referenced this issue Jun 20, 2013
Mark Derbecker Fix for Rickshaw GitHub Issue #89
- Re-factored Rickshaw.Graph.Legend considerably to allow for dynamic series additions/deletions.
- Removed somewhat brittle "series-reordering" code in Rickshaw.Behavior.Series.Highlight and added the concept of zOrder to the Renderer.

This issue should be properly fixed by pull request #266.

adampl commented Feb 11, 2015

Why not just call legend.render()? :)

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