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LoRaWAN ns-3 module

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This is an ns-3 module that can be used to perform simulations of a LoRaWAN network.

API documentation.

Module Documentation.

Getting started


To run simulations using this module, you will need to install ns-3, and clone this repository inside the src directory:

git clone ns-3
git clone ns-3/src/lorawan

If you are interested in having the latest features (and more bug-prone code), you can check out the develop branch:

cd ns-3/src/lorawan
git checkout develop


If you are interested in only compiling the lorawan module and its dependencies, copy the .ns3rc file from ns-3/utils to ns-3, where ns-3 is your ns-3 installation folder, and only enable the desired module by making sure the file contains the following line:

modules_enabled = ['lorawan']

To compile, move to the ns-3 folder, configure and then build ns-3:

./waf configure --enable-tests --enable-examples
./waf build

Finally, make sure tests run smoothly with:

./ -s lorawan

If the script returns that the lorawan test suite passed, you are good to go. Otherwise, if tests fail or crash, consider filing an issue.

Usage examples

The module includes the following examples:

  • simple-network-example
  • complete-network-example
  • network-server-example

Examples can be run via the ./waf --run example-name command.


Refer to the contribution guidelines for information about how to contribute to this module.


For a complete description of the module, refer to doc/lorawan.rst.

Getting help

To discuss and get help on how to use this module, you can write to us on our gitter chat.


  • Davide Magrin
  • Martina Capuzzo
  • Stefano Romagnolo
  • Michele Luvisotto


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 (the same license that is used by ns-3). See the file for more details.

Acknowledgments and relevant publications

The initial version of this code was developed as part of a master's thesis at the University of Padova, under the supervision of Prof. Lorenzo Vangelista, Prof. Michele Zorzi and with the help of Marco Centenaro.


  • D. Magrin, M. Capuzzo and A. Zanella, "A Thorough Study of LoRaWAN Performance Under Different Parameter Settings," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 2019. Link.
  • M. Capuzzo, D. Magrin and A. Zanella, "Confirmed traffic in LoRaWAN: Pitfalls and countermeasures," 2018 17th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net), Capri, 2018. Link.
  • D. Magrin, M. Centenaro and L. Vangelista, "Performance evaluation of LoRa networks in a smart city scenario," 2017 IEEE International Conference On Communications (ICC), Paris, 2017. Link.
  • Network level performances of a LoRa system (Master thesis). Link.