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A docker-compose environment for testing Lighthhouse
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Lighthouse Docker

Provides a docker-compose environment for running Lighthouse.

The following features are available:

  • A beacon node exposing a HTTP API on port 5052.
  • A validator client (optional) that connects to the beacon node.
  • Key generation (optional) along with the ability to submit deposits to an eth1 node (optional).


$ docker-compose up

A .lighthouse directory will be created in the repository root which contains the validator keys, beacon node database and other Lighthouse files.


The docker-compose file requires that a .env file be present in this directory. The default.env file provides a template and can be copied .env:

$ cp default.env .env

Failure to create an .env file will result in the following error:

ERROR: Couldn't find env file: /home/karlm/lighthouse-docker/.env
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