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Siptrackweb is the web GUI for Siptrack.

Other components include;


First read the Quickstart section in the README of siptrackd and siptrack client library.

Then you can quickly get siptrackweb running like this, assuming siptrackd backend API is running on localhost:9242 and that your CWD is above the two previously cloned repos.

$ git clone
$ cd siptrackweb
$ virtualenv .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
(.venv) $ pip install -r requirements.txt
(.venv) $ python install
(.venv) $ pushd ../siptrack
(.venv) $ python install && popd
(.venv) $ django-admin startproject stweb
(.venv) $ echo 'SIPTRACK_SERVER="localhost"' >> stweb/stweb/
(.venv) $ echo 'SIPTRACK_PORT=9242' >> stweb/stweb/
(.venv) $ echo 'SIPTRACK_USE_SSL=False' >> stweb/stweb/

Edit stweb/stweb/ and make sure the list INSTALLED_APPS has siptrackweb as the last item, like this.


Comment out the CSRF line in the list MIDDLEWARE so it looks like this.


Insert url(r'', include('siptrackweb.urls')), at the end of the urlpatterns list in stweb/stweb/, and add include to the first import line so the file looks like this.

from django.conf.urls import url, include
from django.contrib import admin

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'', include('siptrackweb.urls')),

Next run some django commands to prepare the app and create a default user.

(.venv) $ python stweb/ migrate
(.venv) $ python stweb/ createsuperuser --noinput --username=admin --email=my-email@host.tld
(.venv) $ python stweb/ runserver

Now the siptrackweb GUI should be available on localhost:8000. First step should always be to add a new View.

Of course this is just a quick example, in reality you might prefer sharing a virtualenv for all siptrack components.


Install pwgen on your system because siptrackweb uses it to generate passwords for user accounts when no other password is specified.



Views and Objects

You can separate all your objects with views for clients or projects. Each view has a hierarchical object-tree database that can contain folders and devices.


Devices and Templates

Create devices quickly from templates.

Devices and Templates

Visualized Racks

Siptrackweb visualizes devices of class "rack" and each Unit is a sub-device that can be linked to another device.



Passwords can be stored encrypted with master keys, either under the Password view or linked directly to a device.

Screenshot coming soon

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