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XOSD wrapper for Lua
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This is a Lua wrapper for the XOSD library.

The code for Lua-XOSD is released under the MIT License.

Please send comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. to .

Building and installation

In order to build and install lua-xosd, you will need:

  • Lua and its header files (tested with 5.1.4, 5.x should work)
  • XOSD, naturally.

To build, edit the paths in to match your system configuration (or replace with one of the provided samples), and then type "make". To run a test suite, "make test". To install, "make install".



require "xosd"
disp =

new can be passed an optional table with the following settings:

  • x and y coordinates ("x", "y")
  • colors ("color", "shadow_color", "outline_color") All can be spelled "colour", as a brief nod to i18n. Colors can be specified by name (see rgb.txt in your X distribution) or by hex triplets such as "#66ddaa".
  • offsets ("shadow_offset", "outline_offset")
  • "timeout" (in seconds)
  • "font" (a name, e.g. "fixed", or values used by e.g. xfontsel)
  • "align" ("L", "C", "R", case insensitive - left, center, right)
  • "pos" ("T", "M", "B", case insensitive - top, middle, bottom)

For example:

osd ={ font="-*-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-*-240-*-*-*-*-*-*",
                shadow_offset=2, outline_offset=1, 
                colour="white", outline_color="DarkSlateGray", 
                shadow_colour="MediumOrchid", timeout=4, align="c" }

The following methods can be used to change those settings later:

  • set_align( align )
  • set_color( color_name )
  • set_shadow_color( color_name )
  • set_outline_color( color_name )
  • set_font( font_key )
  • set_timeout( seconds )
  • set_horizontal_offset( pixels )
  • set_vertical_offset( pixels )
  • set_pos( (x, y) OR "Top", "Middle", or "Bottom" )
  • set_shadow_offset( pixels )
  • set_outline_offset( pixels )

Displaying is controlled by the following methods:

  • print( string, [blocking, line] ): If blocking, pause until timeout, otherwise display is asynchronous. Line count is for multi-line displays, and defaults to 1.
  • print_percent( percent, [blocking, line] ): Percent is between 0 and 100.
  • print_slider( percent, [blocking, line] )
  • show()
  • hide()
  • wait(): Wait (blocking) until timeout.

Other misc. methods:

  • is_onscreen(): Is it currently on-screen?
  • get_line_count(): Get the number of lines in the display.
  • scroll( lines ): Scroll a multi-line display.

For usage examples, see test.lua.

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