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QuadTree Implementation in JavaScript


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To create a new empty Quadtree, do this:

args = {
   // mandatory fields
   x : x coordinate
   y : y coordinate
   w : width
   h : height
   // optional fields
   maxChildren : max children per node
   maxDepth : max depth of the tree

var tree = QUAD.init(args);

Available methods


takes arrays or single items. every item must contain the following properties:

var item = {
	// mandatory fields
	x : x coordinate
	y : y coordinate
	w : width
	h : height

if the item does not contain all of those fields, the behaviour of the tree is not defined

tree.retrieve(selector, callback)

iterates all items that match the selector and invokes the supplied callback on them.

var selector = {
	// mandatory fields
    x : topLeft coordinate,
    y : topRight coordinate,
    w : selection width
    h : selection height

tree.retrieve(selector, function(item) {

NOTE: The result contains all items in quadtree-regions that are overlapping with the selector.


removes all items from the quadtree.