A .NET localization library for Windows Forms applications.
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L10NSharp is a .NET localization library for Windows Forms applications. It collects strings which needs localization when your application first runs and saves them in a Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) file. It can also dynamically collect strings at runtime.


To localize a Windows Forms form or control, simply add the L10NSharpExtender. It will automatically collect all the localizable strings on your form or control and its children.

Localizing Within the Application

L10NSharp provides a dialog for translating terms while running the application. The dialog can be launched by Alt-Shift-clicking a Windows Forms element.


Just download the repository and build the solution (L10NSharp.sln).

For Linux, the build command would look something like this:

/opt/mono4-sil/bin/xbuild build/L10NSharp.proj /t:Build /p:Configuration=Debug

Note that building L10NSharp requires at least version 4.6 of Mono, which mono4-sil provides.

Running Unit Tests

We use NUnit to run our unit tests. NUnit is downloaded via NuGet. There may be a few tests that do not run, but all tests that run should pass.

For Linux, the command to run the tests would look something like this:

/opt/mono4-sil/bin/mono packages/NUnit.Runners.Net4.2.6.4/tools/nunit-console.exe output/Debug/L10NSharpTests.dll

It is also possible to run the tests from inside MonoDevelop, at least if mono4-sil is installed and made the default Mono runtime.