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This is the official implementation of article "Parsing-based viewaware embedding network for vehicle ReID"[arxiv], which has been accpeted by CVPR20 as a poster article.


  1. python 3.6+
  2. torch 1.3.1+


git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install

If you want to modify the code of this project, use the following commands instead

pip install -r requirements.txt
python develop

Preparing dataset

Before the pipeline, you should prepare your vehicle ReID dataset first. For each dataset, you need to generate a description pickle file for it, which is a pickled dict with following structure:

            "filename": "0001_c001_00016450_0.jpg",
            "image_path": "/data/datasets/VeRi/VeRi/image_train/0001_c001_00016450_0.jpg",
            "id": "0001",
            "cam": "001",


For different dataset, we have already provided the generating scripts to help you generate the pickle file.

cd examples/preprocess_data
# For VeRi776
python veri776 --input-path <VeRi_PATH> --output-path ../outputs/veri776.pkl
# For VERIWild
python veriwild --input-path <VeRi_PATH> --output-path ../outputs/veriwild.pkl
# For VehicleID 
python vehicleid --input-path <VeRi_PATH> --output-path ../outputs/vehicleid.pkl

Training the parsing model

Convert polygons to parsing masks

As is described in the article, we annotated the parsing information of 3165 images from VeRi776. We just annotate the vertexs of the polygons as the vehicles are composed by several polygons. The details of polygons are in examples/parsing/poly.json. Run following command to convert the polygons to parsing masks

cd examples/parsing
python --json-path poly.json --output-path ../outputs/veri776_parsing3165

The parsing masks will be generated in ../outputs/veri776_parsing3165 folder.

Train parsing model

Run following command to train the parsing model

cd examples/parsing
python --train-set trainval --masks-path ../outputs/veri776_parsing3165 --image-path <VeRi_PATH>/image_train

where the <VeRi_PATH> is the path of your VeRi776 dataset.

Generate parsing masks for ReID dataset

Running the following command to generate masks for the whole ReID dataset and write the mask_path to the dataset pickle file.

cd examples/parsing
python --model-path best_model_trainval.pth --reid-pkl-path ../outputs/veri776.pkl --output-path ../outputs/veri776_masks

where the <PKL_PATH> is the generated pickle file above.

Train PVEN

Run the following model to train PVEN.

cd examples/parsing_reid
# For VeRi776
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python train -c configs/veri776_b64_parsing.yml 
# For vehicleid, use 8 GPUs to train
python train -c configs/vehicleid_b256_pven.yml 
# For VERIWild, use 8 GPUs to train
python train -c configs/veriwild_b256_224_pven.yml 

Pretrained Models

We provide the pretrained parsing model, VeRi776 ReID model and VERIWild ReID model ( the classification layer has been removed ) for your convinient. You can download it from the following link: Link: password: iiw1

Evaluate PVEN

cd examples/parsing_reid
# For VeRi776
python eval -c configs/veri776_b64_parsing.yml

# For VERIWild
## small
python eval -c configs/veriwild_b256_224_pven.yml
## medium
python eval -c configs/veriwild_b256_224_pven.yml test.ext _5000
## Large
python eval -c configs/veriwild_b256_224_pven.yml test.ext _10000


If you found our method helpful in your research, please cite our work in your publication.

  title={Parsing-based View-aware Embedding Network for Vehicle Re-Identification},
  author={Meng, Dechao and Li, Liang and Liu, Xuejing and Li, Yadong and Yang, Shijie and Zha, Zheng-Jun and Gao, Xingyu and Wang, Shuhui and Huang, Qingming},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},


Parsing based vehicle ReID



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