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This repository provides the annotation tool and the fitting code that fits the SMAL model to a set of images with annotated 2D keypoints and silhouettes and performs refinement as described in the SMALR paper: Lions and Tigers and Bears: Capturing Non-Rigid, 3D, Articulated Shape from Images, by Silvia Zuffi, Angjoo Kanazawa, and Michael J. Black, CVPR 2018. teaser

If you are looking for the 3D results from the SMALR paper, please find them in the project page.

This was also used for making the training data for SMALST.

We provide a demo for applying the code to images of the Tasmanian tiger, the Grevy's zebra, and cheetah.

The code was written by Silvia Zuffi and Angjoo Kanazawa, with contributions from Matt Loper, Federica Bogo, Javier Romero, Gerard Pons Moll.


The code requires python 3.8 and the following packages: chumpy, opencv, matplotlib, numpy, opendr, mesh library (, SMPL (, Eigen (

You can follow this procedure:

python3 -m venv venv_smalr_online
source venv_smalr_online/bin/activate
pip3 install chumpy
pip3 install opencv-python
pip3 install matplotlib
pip3 install opendr
pip3 install sklearn

You need to do the following changes to opendr: In venv_smalr_online/lib/python3.8/site-packages/opendr/ change line 467 adding cast to int as (int(verts_by_face.shape[0]/f.shape[1]). In venv_smalr_online/lib/python3.8/site-packages/opendr/ search for dImage_wrt_2dVerts and add a cast to int as int(self.v.r.size/3). In venv_smalr_online/lib/python3.8/site-packages/opendr/ at line 102 add the cast to int as int(self.v.r.size*2/3).

Install the mesh library following the instructions in

Download Eigen, you do not need to compile it.

You need to compile the code in the directory src/smalr/sbody/alignment/mesh_distance. To do this go to the directory:

cd src/smalr/sbody/alignment/mesh_distance

Edit the file to set EIGEN_DIR to the location of Eigen. Then type:


Place the directory smpl_webuser from SMPL in the src/smalr directory. Note that to use python3 you need to load the pickle file with:

dd = pickle.load(open(fname_or_dict, "rb"), encoding='latin1')

Settings are listed in

Running the Demo

Run python

You will obtain images like the ones below:

demo demo demo demo

In the settings file, there is an option max_tex_weight that if set to True gives sharp texture, and if set to False gives smooth texture. We used smooth texture for the Tasmanian tiger in the SMALR paper and shape texture for making the dataset of Grevy's zebra in the SMALST paper. demo demo

We also provide a couple of examples with cheetahs, using only one image. demo

Annotation Tool

This repo also contains the annotation tool in Matlab we used to annotate the keypoints in src/annotate_kp_matlab. The driver is annotate_images.m. Please look at the README file in the annotation tool directory for more details.


If you found any of the pieces of code useful in this repo, please cite the following papers:

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Related Work

If you are interested in this line of work, you may also find this SMALify repo from Ben Biggs useful!


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