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Distributed crawler, database and web frontend for public directories indexing
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OD-Database is a web-crawling project that aims to index a very large number of file links and their basic metadata from open directories (misconfigured Apache/Nginx/FTP servers, or more often, mirrors of various public services).

Each crawler instance fetches tasks from the central server and pushes the result once completed. A single instance can crawl hundreds of websites at the same time (Both FTP and HTTP(S)) and the central server is capable of ingesting thousands of new documents per second.

The data is indexed into elasticsearch and made available via the web frontend (Currently hosted at There is currently ~1.93 billion files indexed (total of about 300Gb of raw data). The raw data is made available as a CSV file here.



Suggestions/concerns/PRs are welcome

Installation (Docker)

git clone --recursive
cd od-database
mkdir oddb_pg_data/ tt_pg_data/ es_data/ wsb_data/
docker-compose up



Running the crawl server

The python crawler that was a part of this project is discontinued, the go implementation is currently in use.

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